RAW Pre-Wired SG Upgrade kit

Regular price $ 129.95

Due to supply chain issues at CTS, we are out-of-stock on the short-shaft 500K SuperPot Volumes. Until further notice, for Volume controls in the short-shaft 500K kits, we will use a CTS audio taper pot based off a 50’s CentraLab pot, which has a better taper than current audio taper pots.

The same great components of the RS pre-wired SG upgrade kit, but soldered without the caps. Try out those vintage caps you have, or try different cap variations. This kit is wired "50's Style"; if you need this kit wired for custom applications, please email sales@rsguitarworks.net.

  • Two RS SuperPot 500K Volume controls
  • Two CTS500K Tone controls
  • SwitchCraft 90-degree switch
  • SwitchCraft SG jack
  • Vintage braided and cloth wire