Complete Modern Electronics Upgrade Kit - Long Shaft

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New for 2018 is the RS Modern Les Paul Upgrade kit, loaded with SoZo NextGen™ capacitors. Polyester film dielectric with aluminum foil, and superior tin coated pure copper leads. Clarity, detail, great for clean tones as well as heavy gain and overdrive. 

Who this kit is for: The Modern Upgrade Kits offer a more transparent, dynamic sound for anyone who is tired of not being able to use the controls on your guitar effectively. This kit is also great for those who are tired of losing tone and note-definition every time they roll their control past 8!!

This kit comes with LONG SHAFT pots, which is appropriate for the following guitars: ALL production Les Paul® Standards made since 1977, Les Paul Traditional's, Studio's Faded's, DC's, etc. This kit is for USA guitars not Historic® series guitars.

Please Note: Les Paul Studio's use long shaft pots, but a short/straight switch. If ordering a kit for your Les Paul Studio, choose the short/straight switch option.

Please Note: all guitars manufactured in Japan, China, Indonesia and Mexico use metric pots (6mm), and have metric sized holes drilled for the pots. All pots sold by RS Guitarworks use standard pots and hole diameters (3/8"). Therefore, holes in the guitar, plates and/or pickguards will need to be enlarged to 3/8" to fit properly. Also, metric knobs will not fit the RS pot shafts; most popular knobs are available on the store. Please call us for details or questions about installation.

What this is: For years, guitar manufacturers have chosen to cut corners on the electronics they have used, even in their top-of-the-line guitars. This kit is designed to utilize the best electronic components possible in your guitar. This kit is the culmination of thousands of hours of research and development into different guitar electronics and how each of them affects the overall tone of the guitar.

What's in the kit:
(2) 500K RS Long Shaft SuperPots. We designed these pots in conjunction with CTS. Used for the volume controls in the kit, these pots have a custom taper that gives you a noticeable difference between each number on your volume control. You can finally roll your volume down to 2 or 1 and not lose any clarity, even in the neck position. A smoother resistor path make this the best pot to ever be used in the guitar.

(2) 500K CTS Long Shaft Audio taper pots.

(1) SoZo NextGen™ .022 capacitor - Polyester film dielectric with aluminum foil, and superior tin coated pure copper leads. Meets our stringent quality-control standards, not only because of its construction, but because of how great it sounds in the tone circuit!! The .022 is best for the Bridge Tone control.

(1) SoZo NextGen™ .01 capacitor. This is the same great SoZo as above, just in .01 microfarad. This is best used for the Neck Tone control.

(1) Length vintage black wire - Used for the grounding in the circuit.

(1) Length vintage-style 18awg ground wire - Used for the grounding in the circuit.

(1) 4-foot length braided wire- Used for wiring switch.

(1) Long or Short 3-way toggle switch- Manufactured by Switchcraft®.

(1) Input Jack- Manufactured by Switchcraft®.

(1) Color wiring diagram.

How this kit improves your tone: All of the above components combine to create unprecedented clarity in your overall tone. This increase in clarity will also equate to an increase in note bloom, harmonic complexity, and, in some cases, sustain. Because this kit increases the usability and intuitiveness of the controls onboard your guitar, you will achieve tones that you didnt think were possible.